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Picture Book

Critique Service

Everyone has a story to tell.

Most – if not all of us –

could use a little help.

           Why me?


As an award-winning author, I’ve presented writing workshops for various professional organizations, schools and festivals throughout the country. As an active member of SCBWI and a Critique Ninja for Julie Hedlund’s 12x12 Picture Book Challenge for the past five years, I’ve critiqued hundreds of manuscripts, many of which have led to publication. I've also served as a trusted reader for Flashlight Press.


Isn’t it time I took a look at your story?

Investment: $99 for each picture book manuscript ($49 for a second look at the same story.) Manuscripts must be less than 1000 words. Please contact me for availability and/or questions.

From defining – and refining – overall story concepts to identifying an ‘excess’ word, a professional critique can take your picture book manuscript to the next level.


Here’s what I address:


* Story focus, theme and arc (do you have a strong hook, a solid middle and satisfying ending?)


* Character development, dimension and arc (does your character change/grow?)


* Tension: both in plot and emotion (why should readers care to turn the page?)


* Target audience (does this have child appeal?)


* Pacing


* Showing vs telling


* Illustration potential vs ‘overstepping’ your mission


* Empowering your words (including the woes of ‘was’: passive voice or wimpy verb?)


* Unclear or awkward wording


* Dialogue (and tags)


*Grammar, point of view and tense consistency


* Overall impressions and line edits where needed


* Suggestions for solutions and tightening

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