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* Building A Story Is Just like Building A Sandcastle (for grades K-4):

From choosing the proper tools to building a strong foundation to the fine revisions, students will join Jodi in a journey through the creative process, structuring a “castle” as they compile story ideas together. Interactive sessions include a colorful power point presentation as well as play-acting & a myriad of props. And who knows? A dragon might even move in!

* Your Words Matter (for grades 5 and up):

Stories have the power to teach, connect & heal us. After examining the power of a picture book's illustrations to convey emotion & nuance, students will explore innovative  methods to strengthen their own words & concepts to create believable 3D characters & engaging plots. The ultimate goal?

To impress upon them the world is waiting to hear one more story: their own.


 Sessions are 45 minutes in length. Full day presentations (up to 4 in one location) $600.

Half-day (2 in AM OR 2 in PM in one location): $350.

Travel fees & accommodations may be applicable.


Contact Jodi directly via the website contact form for dates and details.

Author Visits

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"In 22 years of teaching, Jodi was one of the

best author visits we ever had!" Karen, 2nd grade teacher, NJ

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