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I’ve been lucky enough to have multiple manuscripts critiqued by Jodi Moore and it’s been a pleasure. She is thorough and insightful—always providing feedback that makes a manuscript significantly better. And even the toughest evaluations come with a virtual hug. Jodi knows how to steer you in the right direction while also cheering on the best aspects of your project. With the time and attention that Jodi will give your manuscript, you’ll be left excited and inspired to take your story to the next level. She’s worth every penny.

– Kimberly Sabatini, Author, Touching the Surface

Here's What People Say...

"Jodi Moore's picture book critiques are like hugs...helping you celebrate your strengths and everything that shines. Then, they hold your hand while giving you tools to add heart, up the re-readability factor, and take your manuscripts to the next level." – Mindy Alyse Weiss, Author, PBParty & PBFest Co-host

Jodi Moore's critiques are everything you want them to be: thoughtful and thorough, and full of the kind of encouragement and enthusiasm every writer needs. Her insight has made me a better writer.

- Megan Gilpin, Author, Library Goddess

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