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Step Away From the Paper

Actual conversation with my paintbrush:

Brush: Step away from the paper.

Me: Seriously? First you tell me I'm supposed to work on my craft everyday...and then you tell me to step away?

Brush: You're supposed to work on it, not overwork it into oblivion.

Me: I'm adding layers.

Brush: You're wearin' the paper down. Can't you hear its cries of anguish? You need to stop, mate.

(Yes, the brush is British, from a lovely store in London, Cass Art.)

Me: But it's not right. I need to fix things. I'm not done yet.

Brush: You are.

Me: But -

Brush: Rubbish. You've been done for a while now. You're only making things worse, mate.

Me: But -

Brush: Stop being a 'but'-head. Step away from the paper.

Me: (sulks) Fine.

I'm slowly learning that sometimes the most important part of creating a piece is choosing when to step away. It's time to turn the page. Join me?

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