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Sizing Up One's Own Work

I love learning from other artists. From their technique to their style, from their color choices to their medium, I can always glean something.


Over the weekend, I completed a step-by-step rendering of a kitten reaching for a Christmas ornament from Bonny Snowdon’s book, Realistic Animals in Colored Pencil. (I’m hoping to join her Ignite Academy someday!) Yes, the coloring is a bit different, but admittedly, I fashioned her after our own sweet kitty. (We lost her years ago, but she'll live in our hearts forever.)


I learned a lot from this tutorial (see second sentence for emphasis.) I also learned that small sketchbooks are not always the best for certain drawings. Those who have the book will see I lost all detail in the cat’s eye and had to attempt redemption with a white Posca pen.


I guess sometimes size does matter.


But in sizing up my own illustration, I’m not mad at it. Thanks to all the other artists out there, I'm learning. I'm improving. In fact, I kinda like it. Go figure. Methinks I’ll continue on this journey. Join me?

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