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Cara Mia...Why?

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My head has been spinning lately over all the online platforms. Much of the confusion and frustration stems from the organizers and how they address/train AI, and the fact that it’s ‘fed’ on mined information from –you guessed it –other people’s work, often without permission. In other words, it’s stolen.


Look, no matter how you feel about AI in general – whether it’s good, bad, or somewhere in between – the idea of using other people’s work against their explicit wishes is wrong. Plain and simple.


Apparently, some platforms think it’s fine. They continue to mine and feed the beast with said stolen work. I personally know many authors and illustrators who have had their art unscrupulously pilfered.


That’s right. Stories and art produced from the heart, many that have taken years –if not decades –of blood, sweat, and tears, are being copied without permission despite a copyright which prohibits this very action.


Not cool, technology peoples, not cool.


There's no denying we all learn from studying the masters. It’s how we acquire technique. It’s where we gain inspiration. It’s how we end up discovering and developing our own styles.


That said, we must always remember their work doesn’t belong to us. We can emulate the lines. The colors. The style. If we’re lucky, we can even share the passion that propelled it into being.

But we can’t simply take it and call it ours.

We learned that in kindergarten.


Recently, my creative friends have been talking about a new platform called Cara, a site that filters out generative AI and aims to protect artists and their art. I checked it out. And I liked what I saw.


So, I drew a puppy and joined. (Note: the act of drawing a puppy is optional. It is, however, fun.)


You can find me there @jodimoorecreates


...because that is what I do. And I want to continue doing so. I think I can speak for all creatives when I say we want the respect we deserve for our art. We want to be paid fairly for our art. And we certainly don’t want our art stolen by an entity that threatens to rob us not only of our work, but of our livelihoods as well.

Join me?

P.S. If you’re unfamiliar with the 1965 hit song Cara Mia by Jay and the Americans, I encourage you to give it a listen. Jay Black can sing.

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